Real Men of BAMFness: Jeff Glasbrenner

Jeff Glasbrenner of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a below-the-knee amputee who is doing something that has never been done before — he is challenging himself to complete eight full “Ironman” competitions in eight months. Click to read the full article on (shocking, I know, that I’m linking to Fox).
Jeff lost the lower part of one leg in a farming accident when he was eight. Since then, he’s pushed the envelope on what a para-athlete can do. He’s a a three-time paralympian, two time world champion, and the national record holder with a 63-27 double-double in the sport of wheelchair basketball. Looking for a new challenge, the multi-time Ironman finisher decided to undertake a quest to complete 1124.8 miles of Ironman racing in eight months. On one leg. My two good legs are very impressed. And afraid…

JG, you are a BAMF!

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