Real Men of BAMFness

So I decided that’s what I’d call my regular updates of men (and womens) who are BAMFs. Credit goes to Blake Becker who reminded me of Budweiser’s awesome “Real Men of Genius” ads, which started out funny, then became awful. But the original ones ruled. So, in honor of real men of BAMFness, we will start with someone who was so BAMF that he wanted to make it permanent. He’s a read of our blog, and as promised, I’ve added his blog to the list of BAMF blogs because well, he has a tattoo that says “BAMF.” So, Mr. Liam O’Connell, you are a real man of BAMFness.

Here is the story, as recounted to me, “anyaway…i was a little drunk, and went to go get a tattoo – a nautical star on my left calf. that was planned, and it is what i wanted. i got to the place, and i was with a girl, so she asked if we could drink some wine. he said yes, i went to go get some. we where in a bad side of town, no wine, but i did end up with some green wine, aka, mad dog 20/20. it hit like a mad dog. needles to say i woke up the next morning, rolled over, my calf was hurting, and so was my arm. i looked down, and forever i am now a bamf. do not drink and go to the tattoo parlor. this is exactly why rest weeks are dangerous times.”

I hope he is a real BAMF. His coach is a first rate fella, so I’m sure he will make sure that I’m not shamed by including him on this list. Janda, do you hear that? Make sure you kick his ass regularly.

3 thoughts on “Real Men of BAMFness

  1. hahayea, thats exactly what i remember. Janda will be so proud.oh, reading your slowtwitch article, question, how tall are you? i have exact same saddle height, but your drop is huge did you measure it from the pads?


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