Game Theory

Gamification is an unfortunately overused and abused word. It's come to be a substitute for basically anything that abuses the brain's dopamine reward system. But that's not how I think about games. When I think about games, I think specifically about puzzles and problems to be solved. In Part 2 of my miniature autobiography, I'd like to talk about games as an influence on my life and professional career.

Great Characters Matter

Why did I decide to stay in the Gaming industry rather than the Cycling - or Fitness - industries? In terms of professional experience, I certainly have more in the latter than in the former. But in terms of passions, my heart really does lies in the former. There are two things I'll share about myself, one of which will probably surprise no one, and the other of which might surprise most. The first is that I am a loner...

Zone Training With LEDs

Data have always been critical to endurance athletes and coaches. But as computing power has allowed for increasingly powerful number crunching in increasing smaller packages, the amount of data available can become noisy, overwhelming, paralyzing, and - at worst - totally useless. Wahoo’s series of ELEMNT cycling computers presents more data than any cyclist could … Continue reading Zone Training With LEDs

The First Two Months. Or How Coach Hendy Made Me Understand The Track… A Little.

I had aspired to doing these monthly, but well, it's the beginning of March already. The past nine-ish weeks of training with Coach Greg Henderson have been incredibly rewarding, both in terms of getting faster but also just in terms of really enjoying the sport in a new way. While I'm obviously performance-driven, I've done … Continue reading The First Two Months. Or How Coach Hendy Made Me Understand The Track… A Little.

Pursuit Training With Coach Hendy

One of my favorite parts of track training is that many of the focused off-track sessions are best done in Zwift. Many of you have seen Greg Henderson's workouts in Zwift Group Workouts. Coach Hendy also has several pre-made complete training plans available on his website. These files aren't (yet) as richly commented as either … Continue reading Pursuit Training With Coach Hendy