Real Men of BAMFness: Craig Dietz

Thank you to Super Dano Wells for sharing this amazing ESPN article on Craig Dietz. So I do feel a bit like I’m cheating you all as I sit typing this on my last day in China. The trip was pretty crazy. It was a whirlwind tour, and I hope that extensive blogging in the aftermath is an acceptable substitute. In the meantime, let’s focus on Craig Dietz, who doesn’t deserve to be shortchanged. The story on ESPN gives the important details. The picture below really sums it all up. The man in the middle is Craig. He has no legs. He has one stump of an arm. And he did the swim portion of a triathlon relay with his two buddies below doing the bike and the run. Yes, he did the swim. By himself. As Reilly says in the article, “He works as a lawyer for the city of Pittsburgh. He bowls, skis, hunts (bagged an eight-point buck once), fishes, kicks butt at mini golf, plays volleyball (hits the ball off his head), jams on the drums, has a girlfriend and drives his own van (with a fake license plate that reads, look, mom! no hands!). Mostly, he makes you feel like a worthless, prechewed slab of meat, wasting your able-bodied life eating Cheetos and watching Tila Tequila.

CD, you are a BAMF

4 thoughts on “Real Men of BAMFness: Craig Dietz

  1. He is the B In bamf. Thanks for the article it helps to put things into perspective. Just learn to love life with what you got! I hope this gives you insiration every day to take full advantage of the gift you have. If craig had your ability where might he be? World champ? cheersJohn


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