Real Men of BAMFness: Colin Jenkins

I think this is the a first, where a Real Man of BAMFness is someone I know. My former roommate Colin Jenkins just did a great interview with Flotrack following his outstanding performance at the Olympics. Now, you may be wondering how it is that finishing last – DFL – at the Olympics could be something that is BAMF. The interview does a great job of answering that question, and some others.

For those of you that watched the race – online, on TV, or live – the picture above might look very familiar. That’s Colin in the front. And that’s Simon just behind him. Colin went to the Olympics amidst a bit of controversy, none of his own making. He was just doing his thing, but no one had done that thing before. Looking back, I think people will eventually recognize how Colin helped to change the sport, in much the same way that whomever it was that first decided to build a team in cycling changed that sport forever. Colin did what was, in many ways, a thankless job. It was a job that put an enormous amount of risk on Colin’s career, in that he put all his hopes and dreams into a role that was, previously, unknown within the sport.

I had a great time living with Colin for the past few months. It’s hard to believe that three years after we were first roommates (at the Sporthouse on Pipeline), a time during which we pretty much NEVER spoke (because I was afraid of him) that we ended up the best of friends. It was a lot of fun training with him, and I’ll fondly remember smacking each other around on the bike regularly.

Colin’s back in school now, having hung up his triathlon spurs, at least for now. After asking Lisa to marry him in the Olympic village, he’s also engaged. As he begins the next chapter of his life, I wanted to take a moment to honor this BAMF. For a true symbol of his BAMFness, check out the 12 gauge speedring!

CJ, you are a BAMF!

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