Real Men of BAMFness: Karl Meltzer

First of all, let me say that I hope that our man Karl achieves the thing he sets out to achieve, or otherwise I will probably have to delete this post. Maybe not, since even attempting this feat is pretty BAMF. Karl Meltzer, provided to moi by reader TriChris, is attempting to set the Appalachian Trail speed record. The AT is a beautiful hiking trail that runs from Georgia to Maine on some on the most scenic (and in spots, most technical) hiking in America. The Mahoosuc Notch is a one-mile stretch of trail, the most difficult on the AT, that took me about three hours when I did it. So it’s not like he’s hiking 5th Avenue for speed here.

The total trail runs 2,174 miles and our BAMF is attempting to do it in 47 days, for an average of 46~ish miles a day. That’s more than stuper Dean Karnazes did with his 50 marathons in 50 days. And this is over manly terrain. No Red Baron pizzas here. You can (supposedly) follow Karl on his journey on his website:, though the site was OOC when I checked it earlier today. BAMF’s clearly do not always have BAMF crews updating the world about the BAMFness. C’est la vie.

Karl, the BAMFs of the world are counting on you. Children of the world need to be reminded what makes hair grow on their chest. And some podiatrist, somewhere, is having nightmares about your poor feet.

KM, you are a BAMF.
Now HTFU and get back to hiking…

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