Real Men of BAMFness: Svein Tuft

I don’t really know exactly where to start. This guy is so badass it is painfully awesome. The NYTimes did a brilliant job chronicling his BAMFness in the article, “Canadian Rider Has Made An Unorthodox Climb To The Top.” At 18, he was riding across Canada on a $40 Thriftstore bike with a homemade trailer attached. In the trailer? Some camping gear and his 80lb. dog named, of course, Bear. What else could it be named? Maybe BAMF. But “Bear” is pretty good. More proof of BAMFness? He drank from streams and ate beside an open fire. Or hopped trains across Canada, resting as the land flickered by. That was 13 years ago. This past year, in August, he won a silver medal in the Time Trial at the World Championships and finished 7th in the TT at the Olympics. He didn’t know who he was, so he hopped on a bike and set out to find himself. I think he has.

© 2009 Graham Watson

ST, you are a BAMF.

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