Real Men of BAMFness: Jeremy Sartain

Thank you to Matt Mejia for passing along this story. On April 23, 2008 (something about the 23rd days. No more riding for me on the 23rd of any month), Jeremy Sartain was hit on his motorcyle on the way home from work. He broke his hip and tibia in several places. A rod was placed in his femur to allow for traction for his hip. Jeremy threw himself into rehab. As soon as able, he was at races every weekend volunteering, cheering, etc. He was already registered to do Lifetime Fitness in Minneapolis in July. So he did it. His wife met him as he came out of the water with his crutches. He got on his bike, rode the course, and then did the whole run on crutches. He continued his aggressive rehab and made it to Kona for the Ironman World Championships.
In 2009, his focus was Ironman Wisconsin. Monday before the race, he got a cold/sinus infection. He had a great swim and then on the bike he passed all the pro women and several of the pro men. At mile 70 he was leading all the amateurs. The sinus infection showed up and he had tunnel vision and a blackout. But by that point, he was already victorious in so many ways.

Lots of ways this guy deserves this, but it’s the crutches that really stand out as the ultimate symbol of his BAMFness…

JS, you are a BAMF

One thought on “Real Men of BAMFness: Jeremy Sartain

  1. I seem to recall a certain someone showing up amidst the stocked-pro field of the Shawnigan Lake half iron a few years ago and dusting the competition by over 4 minutes….JR, YOU are a BAMF! Then, now, and in every moment of your recovery.


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