Real Kids of BAMFness: Adam Bender

As far as most kids are concerned, playing baseball for a local Little League team is just a bit of summer fun. But for 8-year-old Adam Bender of Lexington, Kentucky, baseball isn’t just a game. Adam lost his left leg to cancer at the age of one, and now hops around without a prosthetic limb. Baseball and other sports provide the young boy with the opportunity to show everyone else what he’s capable of in spite of his disability—which, as it turns out, is far more than anyone would have guessed.

And Adam does more than just play baseball. He’s an active football player as well, where he plays – without crutches – as the quarterback for his local YMCA flag-football team. He runs the offense from the shotgun position and throws plenty of touchdowns. Adam proves that it’s not what you can’t do – but what you can do – that really matters.

AB, you are a BAMF.

Thanks to Gimundo for this great story.

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