Real Women of BAMFness: Jamie Whitmore

My good friend and Slowtwitch editor-at-large Timothy Carlson wrote a four-part series on XTerra legend Jamie Whitmore, who was diagnosed cancer in late 2007. Timothy’s remarkable chronicling of Jamie’s journey is a gut-wrenching but also heart-warming and inspirational story of tenacity and survival. From the initial struggle to simply find an answer to her difficult decision not to be catheterized, Jamie’s story is truly remarkable.
You can find each part of the story on or by clicking here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four. Thank you to Timothy for taking the time to write these wonderful articles and an especially big thank you to Jamie for sharing. I cannot even imagine the sort of BAMFness that lives inside of her; it’s the mother-lode.

JW, you are a BAMF

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