Real Men of BAMFness: Jens Voigt

Really, this whole series could be re-dubbed “Real Men of Voigtness,” because Jens pretty much defines what it means to be a BAMF. But he may have exceeded his own infinite BAMFness on Stage 16 when, approximately a year removed from his crash in last year’s TdF, he crashed again on a descent and broke his bike. He ended up borrowing a yellow junior’s bike with toe clips and caught back up to the group riding that. Oh yeah, he has really bad road rash and likely a few broken ribs. I say likely because Jens doesn’t want to get x-rays because he doesn’t like the radiation and because they can’t do anything to help him if his ribs are broken anyway. Oh yeah again, he’s still planning on finishing in Paris. And he’s still planning on setting some furious tempo for Andy Schleck.
JV, you are THE BAMF.
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3 thoughts on “Real Men of BAMFness: Jens Voigt

  1. I was going to forward you that article from Velo News about a week ago when I saw that, but it slipped my mind. That dude is a SERIOUS BAMF! After he took the header on one of the descents last year, I'm surprised to see him even on a bike, let alone bombing down a mountain in a BORROWED bike that's too small for him… Jens has always been a BA though. Good column…


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