Real Men of BAMFness: Charlie Wittmack

Over eleven months, The World Tri will cross thirteen countries while encountering the most treacherous conditions imaginable. The expedition begins with a 275-mile swim down the River Thames in England to the icy North Atlantic Sea and across the English Channel to France. From France, the expedition continues with a 9000-mile bicycle ride across Europe and Asia, passing over many of the world’s most rugged and remote mountain ranges, and crossing hundreds of miles of barren sand desert, before climbing over the Himalaya to the Indian Ocean and Calcutta. The triathlon concludes with a super-ultra 950-mile run from sea level at the Bay of Bengal, up into the Himalaya, to the top of the world and the summit of Mount Everest. –
This is the task Charlie Wittmack has ahead of him. Normally, I like to reserve the title of BAMF for someone who actually achieves lofty goals, but having just begun this undertaking with a relatively quick 12 hour crossing of the English Channel, I figured Charlie could use a little luck to send him on his way. Even BAMFs need smiles from the gods now and again…

CW, you are a BAMF

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