Real Men of BAMFness: Clayton Treska


Beat stage for cancer, undergo intensive clinical trial Bone Marrow Transplantation, live in a hospital for 13 months, all the while training for the Ironman World Championship to successfully complete the event in less then one year from the last medically infused clinical trial inpatient chemotherapy session.

I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Although I had to Swim, Bike, and Run to get there!

So reads the Facebook page of Team Treska. Clayton Treska – IMWC bib no. 156 – is a USMC Staff Sgt. diagnosed in July with stage 4 testicular cancer. After it appeared it had gone into remission after his initial diagnosis in 2007 after returning from Iraq, the cancer returned and was diagnosed as terminal. Yes, terminal. Staff Sergeant Treska’s has never waivered, however, from his desire to complete an Ironman and to get his college degree, both goals he is actively pursuing. He will try to check the first box tomorrow on the big island of Hawaii. He has his books with him, as his midterms await when he gets home.

A BAMF among BAMFs, he writes eloquently, “In your darkest hour, it is the love in your heart that will illuminate the path to success.” Ooo-rah, Staff Sergeant, ooo-rah!

CT, you are a BAMF!

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