Real Men of BAMFness: Shawn Swartz

From the The Week That Was In Running: “I didn’t want to know symptoms and side effects. I didn’t want to mentally create reactions. I didn’t want to imagine negative outcomes. The mind is a strong healing factor, if you make it one. … I’m sure the doctors thought I was crazy at the beginning, or they’d just ignore me. But I honestly think being so focused on coming back made me better.” So said Shawn Swartz after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and needing to undergo radiation treatment. I’m gonna go ahead and predict that he won’t have trouble clearing the bar, either the literal or figural one. Of course, perhaps it’s fitting that the young man who graduated from Terry Fox HS continues to surprise everyone, except maybe himself (and Terry, wherever he is). The Let’s Run snippet is only the beginning of a remarkable story of a remarkable individual. For some more BAMFness, check out the more complete story on the, “There’s No Hole In His Heart.”

SS, you are a BAMF

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