Do Retired Elites Have An Obligation To Their Country?

This came up over on Mr. Q’s blog, and I was amazed at the discussion generated. The recently retired Peter Reid has decided to become a private coach, and some on Simon’s blog slammed him for not coaching through the NTC (National Training Center), especially since he, to some extent, really came up and benefitted from nationally-sponsored training/coaching/etc. So does Peter have an obligation to give back to the system that benefitted him? Certainly as an Ironman athlete, Peter was mostly self-coached with input from Mark Allen. But he still took advantage of the infrastructure in place in Victoria, BC. Anyway, an interesting discussion in the comments ensued. Weigh in with your thoughts here or over there.

Today was a recuperation and refueling day after, I think, drinking some bad milk. Should have stayed on my “no-dairy” kick a little longer… So I got caught up on calories after evacuating them all yesterday, and I also got to catch up on some reading and swimming technique videos in preparation for Monday’s big swim with lots of IM… Kind of a bummer to be laid low for a day after December was going so well, but still it’s been a great month of swimming with 124,000 yards in 14 days… Running and biking have been pretty minimal, and I was hoping to get a bit of that in today after a long swim in the AM, but the body vetoed all plans. Tomorrow back in action with a 9k set, then rest for a day (with some bike and run, though), and then the monster set, which deserves its own entry…

One thought on “Do Retired Elites Have An Obligation To Their Country?

  1. Rappstar…Pete has as much responsibility to the NTC in Vic, as someone has to the company they retired from. Most people don’t go back and work for the company they retired from. And there is some misconception about how much support NTC gave Pete and other long-course athletes, because it wasn’t much $$$. It was all training groups, some structured workouts and facilities, and that’s about it. Most of the coaching Pete received came from outside NTC, private coaches! Cliff English, Roch Frey, Mark Allen to name a few. Pete certainly is still contributing to the sport though. And no one is more thankful for that than me! On another note, when are you returning to San Diego? I could use a riding partner in the coming months. Plus, we need to work on your run!


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