Making Magic

In this last of my three part autobiographical series, I'd like to explore the influence of engineering, both as a discipline and as a way of thinking, in my life. My maternal grandfather, Al Demont, was an electrical engineer. He was one of two young men in the Worchester Polytechnic Institute class of 1931 - in the midst of The Great Depression - to get a job, working for the General Electric corporation. He worked for GE for over forty years until he retired, working on everything from consumer appliances to military technology (during WWII). When I think of engineers, I think of my grandfather.

Game Theory

Gamification is an unfortunately overused and abused word. It's come to be a substitute for basically anything that abuses the brain's dopamine reward system. But that's not how I think about games. When I think about games, I think specifically about puzzles and problems to be solved. In Part 2 of my miniature autobiography, I'd like to talk about games as an influence on my life and professional career.