It’s Snowing… In Texas?!

So I’m finally getting to see some snow this winter. You are thinking, logically, that it is now finally snowing in New York, which would be very normal. But no, it is snowing in Amarillo, Texas. Yesterday, it was 63F in the middle of Illinois. Now, it is (or actually was) snowing in Texas. I am stuck in Herreford, TX – “The Beef Capital of the World” – which actually turned out to be ok. We were trying to head down to I-10, since I-40 was closed. I-40 runs through Albuquerque right into Flagstaff, which is obviously the best way to go. But I-10 is okay, running from the headquarters of PSTriathlon – Las Cruces, NM – into Phoenix, AZ. But the crazy part is all the weather. It had been so incredible and beautiful coming through the areas where traditionally winter was the worst. The “snow belt” was nothing but sunny skies. But then, coming near the Texas-Oklahoma border, the weather started to turn for the worse. And then, in TEXAS, T-E-X-A-S, it is snowing. 23F in Texas. Amazing… Anyway, I-40 appears to be back open, although covered with lots of snow and ice, so it may be slow going through New Mexico. But hopefully it might mean some good snowshoeing in Flagstaff this January.

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