Congratulations, Mr. Q

A big congratulations to my #1 training partner and best friend, Mr. Simon Q. Whitfield, for winning his eighth ITU World Cup last Sunday (June 10) in Vancouver.

Simon ran away from Andy Pott’s in the last 400m to capture the Vancouver 2008 World Cup in front of a hometown crowd. All this while waiting to become a new dad. Oh yeah, he makes a mean cup of coffee too. Way to go, House of BAMF.

5 thoughts on “Congratulations, Mr. Q

  1. Yes, congratulations to Simon. I heard through the grapevine that you had a pretty awesome race last weekend too, though. When are we going to hear about that?


  2. Jenkins, what are you talking about “can predict the future.” I posted this today (June 15th) about the Vancouver WC (on June 10th). You were there. It must be the taper going to your brain…


  3. That is impresive wattage for the climb, one more question if you don’t mind what kind of 6min power do you have, I just got a powermeter and I was able to sustain 380w I want to know how far off I am from a uber biker like yourself, and great race in cali, So when are you going to start the Iron distance? Well and have a great daymanny


  4. Manny,I haven’t done a 5′ (or 6′) test, but I’d wager I’m somewhere in the 410-420 range. I’ve been able to bang out 407, 400 for 5′-3′ rest-5′, so I think I could do somewhere around there, which would match up reasonably with Coggan’s power profile for a TT’er, if I was at like 6.0-6.2w/kg for 5′ power.


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