Hello Brain? Are You There?

Spirit of Racine Half Ironman
7.22.2007 – Racine, WI

I think I’m the dumbest person ever. I missed a turn… Again. I was in third place at the time and riding strong. I rode an extra 20 miles, then finally got back on course, and finished up the day with a solid half-marathon to complete a very expensive and pretty demoralizing training day. I was happy to gut out a fast run and not post a DNF.

Any suggestions on how to help rewire my brain to allow for thought during races would be welcomed. I drove the course the day before. I thought I knew it. But I guess not well enough…

Sorry I don’t have better news…

Storming the bike…

3 thoughts on “Hello Brain? Are You There?

  1. I did racine today and was looking for you on the run – kept wondering were you were at.I don’t know if I’ve got any suggestions – my wife would probably say I’m one of the dumbest smart people she knows so….I’m glad you gutted it out rather then drop out and call it a day – shows you are a man of class – great run.


  2. One thing that could help is visualize yourself on the course and the turns in your head as you are driving. Do this again right after you drive the course and then again that night. Try to use details as you drive like where you are gonna hit the turn and come out. That technique can get the course more hardwired into your head by using details. Use a map if you need or draw one and go over it in the same way with real visuals in your head. Positive visualization is something that is supposed to help anyway so just have yourself leading or gaining on someone as you think about the course and turns. Hope this helps. Adam Beston, ST member


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