Bike Design

I was browsing the internets (there are multiple tubes, you kn0w) and came across this picture. I’m not sure how many bikes are designed this way, but more should be. I was impressed. I like the company that makes this particular bike, and this is part of why.

I’ve been in an engineering mood lately, reading a lot of Henry Petroski and thinking about designing stuff. Good time to exercise the brain in the offseason.

2 thoughts on “Bike Design

  1. great stuff, Rappstar. I wonder if there is any ‘SimCity’ type software out there for bike design ? It would be a blast to tinker with angles, setback, etc. with such a program. Maybe I just gave myself a project…


  2. There is indeed such a program out there. And it is free. From “There are plenty of good (and even free) resources on the web. The best (that I’ve found) among the parametric programs that would aid a framebuilder or designer is an Excel-based framebuilding tool by Martin Manning, called < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Body Geometry 101<>. Note you’ll have to register to join the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Framebuilders Forum<> in order to find and download it.”


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