Dirty Dozen

After 12 consecutive days of mountain bike riding, I decided to give it a rest today. My hands were getting pretty sore, and I figured I’d also quit while I was ahead in terms of no serious crashes, etc. I’ll let my body absorb my newfound skillz and will be back at it in December. The whole thing was really a lot of fun. It was cool to have a bit of a streak going to keep me heading out the door when it was raining and crummy out (which was regularly). Definitely a great way to keep the bike training going. I’m hopeful that the bike handling will also pay off. And of course, there is also the possibility that you may see me at the start line of an XTerra next year!

So in honor of American Thanksgiving (tomorrow), I’m giving thanks for fat tires, dirt trails, and The Dump.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen

  1. hello there! I was woundering if you have ever done a map test ex 20watts 1min inc, I was just curious what kind of map a bike power house like yourself, map watts would be, just want to see how far behind the rest of us are, thank you and hope you have a great 2008 seasoncheersmanny


  2. I have not. Joel prefers two laps of the waddling dog (~18km or 23:00) as our preferred benchmark test. That and the Observatory Hill climb (~2.5km or 5:30) or the Durrance Hill climb (~2.5km or 4:45). He likes repeatable courses.


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