I’m Not Really Tired…

“All maximum performances are actually pseudo-maximum performances,” Dr. Morgan said. “You are always capable of doing more than you are doing.”

“The old adage, no pain no gain comes into play here,” Dr. Morgan said. “In point of fact, maximum performance is associated with pain.”

“There is some fatigue in muscle, I’m not suggesting muscles don’t get fatigued,” Dr. Noakes said. “I’m suggesting that the brain can make the muscles work harder if it wanted to.”

From The NY Times article “I’m Not Really Running…”

One thought on “I’m Not Really Tired…

  1. JR~Hey dude, saw that article too. Pretty good. A few other notes:Someone brought up to me that our bodies protect us from going too far and that if we are able to over-ride the pain, we need to be careful. A) For recovery and B) Becuase we don’t want to end up like the weight lifters that push out their intestines when lifting really heavy loads(not a pretty thought).Anyway, I have also thought about what effect that recalling past experiences might have. For example, if it is cold…you picture the days when climbing and it was 100* with no wind. Hope all is well with you.Blake


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