A Storm Rolling Into The Antelope Valley

I was up at Xantusia (aka The Slowtwitch Ranch aka Dan Empfield’s house) with Jill over the weekend, and on the drive back I pulled over, and she snapped this shot. A storm was rolling into the Antelope Valley on the heels of 60+ mph winds. The winds were pushing clouds up and over the San Gabriel Mountains, with a light rainfall at the forefront. The rain was really very faint, and it set up beautifully for this rainbow on the one side, with the storm chasing in from the other. You’re never sure how these photos are gonna turn out, but I think this one came out very well.

One thought on “A Storm Rolling Into The Antelope Valley

  1. Hey JordanThx again for all of your help with my bike! Did a coached computrainer TT over the weekend and the bike was great!! Say hi to Jill,TD


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