More Light Thinking…

So this is a bit of a follow up to the interview Simon did with me over on his blog. There was a comment on one of the threads here by runningman asking about the benchmark workout I reference near the end. It will probably end up being a climb up Slowtwitch Mountain to Wrightwood, but it could be any number of the workouts Joel has me do that gives us a good reference point for where my threshold power is. This approach really only works for athletes who train and race with a powermeter. There isn’t really a HR equivalent, since HR is dictated by so many things during a race. I also think this really underscores the importance of a powermeter for long course racing. Of course, many athletes can and do train and race well without, but I think that trend is changing, especially as regards training.

One thought on “More Light Thinking…

  1. cools thanks for the response. Yeah I just don’t have the bills for a power meter, maybe some day. Till then I must gauge my heart rate and how I feel for my pace. You’re still ok even though you’re american. 😛 Cheers, All the best in arizona


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