Human Power

Yes, it’s another article from ESPN. I do read other things, but they have amazingly good writers. And, more simply, I love sport. I don’t know what to say other than READ THIS ARTICLE. It’s the story of Lopez Lomong, from Sudan. It’s special to me because Lopez attended Northern Arizona University, where we have gone to do altitude training the past three years, while he was a student, and that’s where I first heard his amazing story. This is one of those stories that makes you believe. Maybe in god or God or something greater than all of us. But mostly I think it makes you believe in people. There’s a lot of shit in the news and the world today. This makes that all disappear for a moment.

This is how the article starts, He remembers the AK-47s most distinctly, the menace of black metal cutting through the dank African air, introducing both panic and discipline to the Sunday morning mass beneath a shade tree.

“Sit down! Lay down!” the rebel leaders demanded as they burst upon the hillside Catholic chapel, thrusting their assault rifles at the heads of the 50 or so parishioners who had come to kneel before a peaceful God, not its spiritual inverse. Lopepe Lomong shivered in the hand-carved pews, terrified. “The guns were so big,” he says now. And he was so small, just 6 years old.

What happens after that is nothing short of amazing… READ IT. (same link as above. I’m just being pushy…)

4 thoughts on “Human Power

  1. Great read! I had a training Qs I am not sure if you have alway’s used a power meter but if you don’t mind what kind of threhold power improvments have you made from start to now! YEAR 1 2 3cheersand good luck


  2. @Anonymous,It’s a hard question to answer, since it depends somewhat on the time of year. Usually I’m at my best fitness at the end of the year, as you might expect. So lately, I’ve found that I can reach the same end of year fitness at the beginning of the next year. But since my training is not the same year to year (IMAZ to start this year), it’s not so clear cut. Right now, my threshold is probably similar to where it was last year, but I’ve done less training. I expect it will get higher. My goal is to make 5% improvement a year, if I had to ballpark a number. But it comes in peaks and valleys. It’s not a steady progression.


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