Live From Le Tour 2008

Not much new going on lately. I’ve been working with Slowtwitch’s editor-at-large Jay Prasuhn to put up his great photos from behind the lines at the TdF. So far, it’s a series of three articles: part one, part two, and part three.

Other than that, it’s been lots of training. The heat sessions make for a long day, since even though it’s not a lot of riding, the set-up and aftermath take a lot of time. So after having a good run of regular blog updates, I’ve just been tuckered out lately. It was a most excellent taco night last night, but Joel forbade Moss St. Market donuts today, which made Colin and I very sad. The donuts are most delicious, but they are probably not the healthiest things in the world. Did I mention they are delicious though? Mmmmm, donuts… Sorry, I lost myself to my inner Homer Simpson there for a moment.

I’ve got some gear reviews myself to write for Slowtwitch, including a couple on some new wetsuits and some overdue clothing reviews. It doesn’t feel like it takes a long time to write, but sometimes I end up being much too verbose, and just typing that many words makes the minutes tick by. I honestly can’t believe it wrote a 2,600 word review of a wetsuit. I guess I had a lot to say. It really should have been shorter, but in rereading, I just couldn’t find stuff to really cut. I hope that the next ones won’t be quite so long.

Well, that’s all from the field. Wimbledon has so far played out as expected, with Venus just edging Serena. I’m excited to follow the Nadal/Federer match tomorrow. Ironman Germany takes place in Frankfurt as well, though the race won’t be nearly so engaging with Normann Stadler out with illness. I do pity the folks that thought IMLP was going to be less competitive though, as Normann will certainly go there to prove a point. At least I think he’d want to. Let’s hope the Yankees can take one from the Red Sox, although this doesn’t seem to be an auspicious year for the Bronx Bombers. The Devil Rays are really the story in MLB, though in my mind. What a turnaround. 17 year old Jordan Hasay (who I will begrudginly admit to liking despite being a girl with my name) is making a splash at the USATF Olympic Trials. That was a bad joke, I know, with the US Swimming Trials on as well. Hasay is pretty amazing. I’ve seen her run a couple times, and she’s amazing. She has as much hair as body. She weighs like 70lbs, and probably 30% of that is hair. But she can run. The swimming trials are also proving to be really exciting as well, with Dara Torres defying age, making her 5th Olympic team at 41. Wow. Michael Phelps is still amazing. Well, all of those athletes are amazing. What are great time to be a sports fan. I love this. All those “other” sports finally get front page billing.

Now it’s off to heat training. I wish I was the one reporting live from France, rather than sitting in a hot room, but c’est la vie. 🙂

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