1000’s Of Words…

In the form of pictures… Just wanted to share some awesome pictures I culled from the web. I spend a lot of time looking at photos from races and just the general world of the interweb. The internet has allowed a ton of really great amateur lensmans (and womens) to share their pictures. And you get to see a lot of stuff that is just not quite good enough to make it into print, but it still awesome. Sometimes you find some real gems. Some are special for the athlete. Some I keep for the FIST bike fitting workshops I teach with Dan Empfield. Some are just plain cool. These are my latest ones. Enjoy.

From the folks at triathlonshots.com from their photos of Roth 2008; they do great work
Big, bad Cancellara from Le Tour of some year… From somewhere I forget…

Millar’s Felt DA (I have envy) from CyclingNews.com

Millar making said Felt DA go (forgot)

Dubai from above the fog (location uknown)

Purty (from location unknown)

4 thoughts on “1000’s Of Words…

  1. Yeah, the Dubai one is awesome. I know what you mean about race pictures. I look at like every detail of what the pros wear. Sights like asiphoto are really addicting. Who has the powermeter?, what helmet?, wheels?, and oh no – garmin are they teaming up now with powertap after making the garmin/srm? How do I know which powermeter I should go out and buy? I used to have the old cone hub one – that was horrible. But, should I drop the dough on an SRM, lord knows I hate logging my training, let alone reviewing it in detail. Wow, my response went everywhere.


  2. Believe I read somewhere that the photo of Dubai is from the top of the new building being built:Burj Dubaithe tallest building on earth.Cool pics


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