A Shoulder To Cry On

Sometimes when you are training a lot, you get very tired. There are those days when you just don’t want to train at all. You get to the pool, and you think, “maybe I should just not swim today.” At other times you think, maybe it would be good if I took today off from running. On other days, you think, “it would probably be best if I did an easy spin today instead of doing threshold intervals.” And, of course, there are the extreme days where you think that instead of doing some workouts with your usual training partners, you should probably seek out some alternative cohorts like Johnny “The Race” Walker and Jack Daniels “Method of Run Training”

Fortunately, Coach Joel is very sensitive to our needs as beautiful and unique snowflakes. He recognizes that we are all special people with special problems that require special solutions. Because these sort of individual problems come up so often, Coach Joel has put a *special* protocol in place if we need to have some personal moments. We all need some “alone time” now and then, that’s just what being a special person (and we are all special people) is all about. To make it easy to express the remarkable uniqueness inside of each and every one of us, if we have a problem, all we have to do is notify the “Complaint Department.” (Joel called it that because he really, really, really cares what we all think!)

3 thoughts on “A Shoulder To Cry On

  1. Hey JordanKeep up the hilarious posts.Also thanks for pushing SQW in his prep for Beijing.He is one competitive dude and can only benefit from have someone like you training along side of him.SQW had mentioned that you might be willing to answer a few questions for me about racing long (IM). If that would be ok let me know and I will drop you an email.


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