This Man Built My Bike

There’s an interview up on with FELT founder (and namesake) Jim Felt. I met Jim at Interbike last year as I was looking for a new bike sponsor. The DA, the bike I now race, was the big attraction to the company, but after spending 7+ months working with the folks at Felt, I must say that I got very lucky to get a great company along with a great bike. Felt recently had a very successful debut at the Tour de France underneath the riders of team Garmin/Chipotle, whose GC man, Christian Vandevelde, finished an impressive 5th overall.

Jim at work in the windtunnel on the “Beijing Express,” the TK1, ride of choice for World Champions Taylor Phinney and Sarah Hammer

2 thoughts on “This Man Built My Bike

  1. Dude thats the same guy in Groundhogs day that holds out Punxsutawney Phil. At least it looks like him. Wow that was a needless comment.


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