Big D

I posted a relatively straightforward (i.e. boh-ring, sorry Rick) race report over at TargeTraining’s blog. I’ve decided that regular race reports no longer interest me, so I’m cooking up something special from now on. I’ve got a real epic planned for this one, but if you want the meat-and-potatoes, I’ve put it up over there. Given all that TT does for me throughout the year, I thought that it’d be nice for me to contribute to their blog. So this is my first posting. I will save my more eclectic observations for this blog, since I’m not sure that TargeTraining’s prospective clients care what I think about Sarah Palin, nightime auto-racing, or the necessity of bacon to everyday operations in the free world.

Another quick shout out to one of the best lensmen in the sport – Kerry Yndestad of Thanks Kerry. I’ve discovered this is the key to good race photos. Make friends with the photographers!

© 2008 Kerry Yndestad

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