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Two articles I found recently that I thought were worth sharing. The first is very disturbing and sobering, as is the second, but I think there are lessons in each for all of us. I’ve included a snippet of each to hopefully tempt you to read the whole thing.

From Making Water a Matter of Race.

To this day, Jerry Kennedy only does laundry when it rains. For the first 54 years of his life, he lived without running water, and rainstorms were the only way he could collect enough water to wash his clothes. But Kennedy isn’t from some far-off rural outpost. He was born and raised in the Coal Run neighborhood of Zanesville, Ohio — a former coal-mining center of 25,000 in the eastern part of the state — just a few hundred feet from a municipal water line. Kennedy, now 58, is black. His neighbors, who did not have running water for more than 50 years, are also black. On July 10, the U.S. District Court of Ohio awarded them almost $10.9 million, ruling that they had been denied access to public water because of their race.

From Kohl Details His Doping Practice.

Kohl is choosing a different approach than his teammate Stefan Schumacher, who was also caught for CERA usage. “He says he is innocent. I can only say, I am going my way,” Kohl stated. Kohl went on to explain that the crown witness rule to reduce his sentence would not be for him. “I deserve the ban and I will accept it. A bit of distance will be good, too. In sports you make a lot of sacrifices.”

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