Kicking Us On The Way Out

It appears that George W. Bush is determined to ruin this country, and with McCain on the ropes, it looks like he isn’t even trying to salvage any dignity for the Republican party in the face of what looks like a serious ass kicking to come. I guess he decided that with his legacy, or lack thereof, already in tatters, he might as well go for the full monty and really just take as big a shit on this country as possible. I’d apologize for the language if that wasn’t exactly what he was trying to do.

Is there any other reason that he would want MORE coal mining waste getting dumped into the Appalachian river or MORE lead in the atmosphere. I’m sure he doesn’t care one bit as long as the ranch in Crawford isn’t affected. This massive deregulation effort is perhaps the scariest thing to come out of this administration as it arrives when he is free of any political consequence. He has the lowest approval rating of any president in history, his party is about to get slaughtered in the election, and, of course, he is on his way back to Texas where he won’t have to think about anything inconvenient like dead US soldiers or poor people or dirty air. I guess SMU turning down his request to host his presidential library would have been more of a kick in the teeth if he actually read anything or planned on having any of his papers (did he even write anything, ever?) going anywhere but a shredder and incinerator.

Unfortunately, as has been the case for the last eight years, the American public loses out and cronyism wins again. The only hope is that with a new president and some new senators and congressmen and women, some of these deregulatory measures will be able to be turned around (but let’s keep hoping they can’t even get them through in the first place). Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with the filthy residue of George W. Bush’s slimy and sluglike exit of the Oval Office affecting all of us for years to come. Why can’t he just disappear back to Texas after it’s all said and done. Isn’t 4,189 US fatalities and 30,634 US casualties (at last count) legacy enough?

3 thoughts on “Kicking Us On The Way Out

  1. the fact that you are registered republican (right?) really makes all of this ring so true.but as they know so well in michigan… the repubs can be enviornmentalists too.


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