Jim Crow Tactics

As election day approachs, it’s truly saddening to see the low level to which some people will stoop. It’s even more disheartening that it always seems to be from one party (guess which one). This same sort of thing happened in both 2000 and 2004. The Associated Press has a good article outlining the tricks; my favorite one so far is that Republicans vote on the 4th and Democrats vote on the 5th. Convenient that one…

3 thoughts on “Jim Crow Tactics

  1. Where art thou Rappstar? Yes, the republicans are idiots, but more importantly whats new with you? Can’t wait to election day is over. They are all full of SH$% anyway. I wish I could vote for my dog, at least she can lick her own aaasss. Can’t wait to u kick some aaasss again at Arizona.


  2. Yes, the republicans are idiots, Wow!! Chris you are an idiot! I am happy to know that my hard earned dollar will go to a bunch of lazy ass bitches,(entitlement sums up the liberal way) what’s yours is mine and what’s mine in mine!And to say only republicans use dirty politics is ridiculous. But thanks for your utter and complete bias! If John McCain attended the same church that Obama did, he would have been scrutinized to death by the media. But for good reason! To vote for a man with a quick tongue and no backbone shows that you Democrats are idiots! He is the most unaccomplished presidential candidate that I have ever seen, and it is sad that he inspired so many people just with words! Welcome to European AmericaOh wait there not doing so well either.


  3. there? they’re doing all right… Have you been over there? I’m anonymous like you, so I guess I’m also an idiot, like you.John McCain is done, Palin is beyond done, and Rappstar and i can finally get back to what’s really important. RACING!


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