The Audacity Of Hope

From‘s “Hungry For A Better Life.” TAMALE, Ghana — On the most important day of his life, Shadrak Kwabena wakes up hungry. He is 9 years old, his pencil legs covered in knee-high, hand-me-down yellow socks. This is the moment his mother imagined when she took him to the coach three years ago with a request: Please give my son a future.

He makes his way toward the mosque for morning prayer, the dirt streets pocked with rock and rubble. Around town, other boys slip into the predawn darkness. The ones who own soccer cleats wear them; parents save for months to afford the $12 shoes. Many come barefoot. Word has spread: A scout is in Tamale, with strange words and customs, who possesses the mystical power to change a person’s destiny forever.

Read the rest. There’s really nothing I can add to this remarkable and simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking story.

Tryouts ©

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