Very Sad News About Steve Larsen

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I am very sad to report that Steve Larsen passed away yesterday. It happened in early evening – he suffered a heart attack while engaging in a track workout. He did not recover.

Steve was beloved by followers of at least three sports, and I share this news after his wife, Carrie, informed us that it was appropriate to let Slowtwitchers know.

Steve cared for you all, and as you know liberally shared from his library of knowledge. I was consistently struck by his grace and his even temper, his professionalism and his warmth, such qualities frankly not needed by a person of talent. He simply was just that way.

These are not our only words about Steve. We will write properly about him.

Dan Empfield
aka Slowman

I am saddened and stunned. Steve was a true icon in endurance sports, as a world class mountain biker, road cyclist, and triathlete; but even more than that, he was a true part of all of those communities. I had hoped to spend time training with him in Bend this year, learning from that library of knowledge that he did so freely share. He will be missed by many, many people.

To his wife Carrie and his five children in Bend and his family and friends elsewhere in the world, my most sincere condolences.

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