The Pursuit Of Happyness

2009.06.07 – Middlebury, CT


Boise 70.3
2009.06.13 – Boise, ID

Tonight, I will not sleep in the bathroom of a train station. Tomorrow, I will not worry that I will be evicted from a hotel which I have to call “home.” Monday, I will not have to take a bus to a train to a bus to work a job where I’ll have to work twice as hard because I need to leave earlier than everyone else to get in line for a room at the homeless shelter. I will not have to do any of these things in pursuit of a better life for myself.

In two races, I suffered two flat tires. One knocked me down, but not out, of the Rev3. The other knocked me out of the Boise 70.3 But neither one has taken away the things that I have to be thankful for. This is what I must remember when I wake up Monday morning and stand with my toes touching the water in the pool, logging the first miles of a new day in continued pursuit of happyness.

7 thoughts on “The Pursuit Of Happyness

  1. Amen. I remember from lastyears Slowtwitch on ur bike setup u were using pro3's. I still use pro 2's (hard to find). But, after reviewing many reviews, it seems that the pro 2 is much more durable. They are hard to find. This is of course if the flat came through the tire. After you flatted you could of gotten a good workout if ya swam back. Haha.


  2. its a bit out of our control, flats can come on any tube/tire combo..great to see you have already put it behind you. Your outlook is refreshing.


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