The Education of Jordan Rapp by Tim Carlson

Tim Carlson of did a recent four-part series interview with me. More information than anyone could possibly ever want to know…
In Part 1 of 4 of an in depth Q&A, the Princeton grad in aeronautical and mechanical engineering discusses family, school, and sporting inclinations that ultimately led to late blossoming Ironman success
In Part 2 of 4 of an in depth Q&A, Jordan Rapp recounts trying on many sports before finding rowing suited his temperament ā€“ and explains how the sport was excellent preparation for the triathlon wars.
Jordan Rapp discusses how his sense of triathlon strategy evolved from his very first triathlon to his breakthrough pro performances in 2008 and 2009 ā€“ and how mastering triathlon technology satisfies his hunger for problem solving
After a persistent, consistent six-year climb to realize his potential in triathlon, Jordan Rapp reached stardom with a course-record win at Ironman Arizona and a victory at the classic Ironman Canada.

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