Real Men of BAMFness: Al Erickson

The Olympic decathlon champion is often referred to as the best all around athlete in the world. It’s the sort of sport that attracts men with an unbelievable array of talents. The explosiveness of a sprinter or hurdler, the endurance of a 1500m, and the technique of a pole vaulter or thrower. It’s a sport that requires a diverse skillset, and for virtually all decathletes, it’s the product of countless hours spent honing the skills in each sport. It’s the such an eclectic spread of events, that it’s helpful to start training early in life. Unless you are Al Erickson. In his case, he took up decathlon at the age of 77, after a career as an educator, including a 20 year stint as a professor at the University of Washington teaching wildlife sciences. He took up the sport in 2007, and he’s been collecting trophies ever since. My favorite quote from the excellent HeraldNet article on Al is his statement about finishing what you start – every time, “if you don’t have discipline, you take the easy way out.” That’s pretty much the summary of what it means to be a BAMF.
AE, you are a BAMF
Thanks to Greg W H for the link & recommendation

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