Real Men of BAMFness: Ed Whitlock

3:25:40. That’s the new marathon world record. It’s almost fifteen minutes faster than the previous world record. FIFTEEN. And it was set at the 2011 Rotterdam Marathon. There was a 1mil USD bonus for setting a new world record. But Ed Whitlock didn’t get to collect for his performance. If you are wondering what happened to Haile Gebrselassie’s world record, it’s still standing. This is the new world record for men in the 80-84 age group. That’s right. Ed Whitlock is 80. And he’s the new world record holder. Of course, setting world records is nothing new for Ed. He’s also the marathon WR holder for the 75-79 age group and the 70-74 age group. He was also the first man over 70 to break three hours for the marathon. Yeah, breaking records and defying odds seems to be something of a habit for Ed. Round these parts, we have a name for guys like that…
EW, you are a BAMF.

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