Looking Ahead

After a stellar 2009 and a less-than-stellar 2010, I joked that I should probably only race in odd years. 2011 seemed to bear that out, being an incredible year on many fronts, both on and off the race course. I returned to the top step of an Ironman podium, I became a World Champion, and – most importantly – I became a father. Looking ahead, I have to wonder how I’ll top that. Though, to be honest, I will say that topping it isn’t really a priority. I think I’ve found the success I have by being focused on the process, and letting the process lead me down a journey to a destination where the results are defined by the hard work, the commitment to excellence, and the relentless pursuit of… (to borrow Simon Whitfield’s phrase). When I set out on this journey, I wanted to win an Ironman. I’ve done that. Three times. And then I wanted, just once, to be the best in the world for just a single moment, and on a cold day in early November, I did that too. And, of course, there is the overwhelming change in perspective that accompanies becoming a parent, when suddenly, there is someone in the world who matters to you a lot more than you ever have mattered to yourself. After the best races of my career, it was still bath time at somewhere around 5:30pm. And, after my first ever Ironman DNF and one of the worst races of my career, it was still bath time at somewhere around 5:30pm. So when I think about what comes now, I know that it’ll still be bath time at somewhere around 5:30pm… At least until Quentin decides that he’s too big to have bath time with his dad anymore. But until then, I get myself out the door to swim, bike, and run every day because I think I am lucky to have the greatest job in the world, a job that provides a good life for my family, and allows me to be home (almost) every night for bath time. I believe that if you do something you love, you want to do it well. In my case, I want it to do it perfectly. Despite knowing that’s unattainable, it is what I strive for. That’s true of both being a parent and being a professional triathlete. I want to win races because I love to race, I love to win, and I love to do my job well. And because, at varying levels of consciousness depending on the moment, I know that someone else – someone very small but very special – is counting on me. When I look ahead to 2012, I have some big goals set out – trying to join Ray Browning as the only man to threepeat at Ironman Canada; redeeming myself at Wildflower; defending my title at Leadman; and to making sure that I’m ready for a bath at somewhere around 5:30pm.

5 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. What is cool is that whether you succeed or not, Quentin will love you just the same. However, the example you set by striving for to be the best will not be lost on him as he grows up.


  2. Nicely said. My son turned 16 years old today, and I can still remember bath time. The years go by so fast. He runs high school cross-country now and is much faster than me. The other days he said, “I thought I had to be fit because Dad was always working out with these crazy guys at Targetraining.”


  3. Perspective is a wonderful thing. When they get a little older bath time comes in closer to 8. So you can really wind it out like the rest of us old guys;)Glad things are going well for you Jordan.


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