Need A Bike?


Okay, after my Shiv giveaway, it was clear there are people who just need a bike. They are borrowing a friends or have a 25yo POS or whatever. If you are one of those people, this thread is for you. In my experience, people don’t value stuff they get for free. People will take dog shit if it’s free. So, you have to pay. A little. $134 to World Bicycle Relief – you get a bike, so you give a bike – and you pay the shipping (probably about $50 bucks).

Aside from the QR, where I *know* the geometry, everything else is my best approximation using a plumb line, digital level, and tape measure. I’m close, but please don’t get pissed if I’m off 5mm here or there.

SOLD QR Tequilo (aluminum) – frame / fork / seatpost / headset
Sz 58 // Stack – 550mm // Reach – 448mm // 700C // internal headset // HT – 140mm // STA – 78.5
This is a great bike for somebody TALL who rides STEEP. It’s   a BIG frame. Like really big. If you are a good match to something like a 58 Cervelo P3, this is your bike. Probably someone at least 6’2-6’3, even as tall as 6’5. This is a great tribike with great geometry. It’s fast. And aluminum rules for durability. Brand new. Literally. Needs ALL parts.
SOLD Serotta Ottrott (titanium & carbon custom) – frame / chris king EXTERNAL headset / reynolds ouzo pro fork
Stack – 530mm // Reach – 365mm // 700C // external headset // HT – 120mm // STA 75.5
This is a great bike for someone who’s probably 5’6-5’9. Prefers an upright position. Doesn’t care about aero. It’s a fantastic bike, but it’s not going to knife through the wind. it’s round tubes. But it’s truly a beautifully crafted bike. MSRP is like $4500. The geometry is not great for someone who wants to ride steep. This is for someone who is really more comfortable on a road bike, but wants a bike with aerobars. 
SOLD Serotta Ottrott (titanium & carbon custom) – frame / chris king EXTERNAL headset / reynolds ouzo pro fork
Stack – 590mm // Reach – 395mm // 700C // external headset // HT – 175mm // STA 75
Essentially the same frame as above, but for someone who’s probably 5’10 – 6’1. All the same concerns/caveats/etc regarding geometry. Same beautiful base frame though.
SOLD Abici Podium (aluminum) – frame / internal headset / carbon fork
Stack – 510mm // Reach – 380mm // 700C // internal headset // HT – 110mm // STA 73
For someone who needs a second bike or just doesn’t have their own bike. Good bike for someone 5’4-5’6 or so. This is a little bike, but it’s pretty long. Nothing special, but it’s a bike, and if you don’t have one, this is better than nothing. Would be competitive with something like a Scattante or other “house brand.” This is nothing magic other than it’s a bike frame. 

As with the Shiv giveaway, message me on Facebook or email me – preferred – using the form on the right hand side of the blog or grab my email off Slowtwitch and send me a message. I’ll also be sending this out to all the folks who wrote – mass mail style – so if you already emailed me, just wait for that message and then reply. I’m going to mass mail, so if you don’t need a bike like this, please don’t take offense. It’s just to save me some time. Thanks.

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