Around The Bend

You know you want one…
11hrs. 9hrs. 4 weeks. Those are the numbers that you need to know. 11hrs gets you a small buckle. 9hrs gets you the BIG buckle. You’ve got 4 weeks to figure out which one you really want and how badly you want it. And then decide how you’re going to spend those weeks. It’s a lot of time. Whatever buckle you want, it’s still within your grasp.
Every race finisher trophy is special. I know that may sound trite or cliched, but it’s true. I have every one (and most every race number and swim cap, at least the ones where the race name was printed on them) from every race I’ve ever done. But I don’t really do anything with them. Most of them just sit in a box. Maybe some day I’ll clear them out. But the Leadman belt buckle? THAT is going to get a lot of usage. I want the big buckle in a big way. Personally, I think every race should give belt buckles. I have one from the 70.3 in Calgary; I wear it regularly. I can appreciate that some of the female competitors might not share my enthusiasm for overly large and decorative belt buckles, but I think they should. Women in belt buckles and cowboy boots look tremendous.
When Lifetime Fitness first purchased The Leadville 100 (the mountain bike race), and then announced the Leadman series as their vision of the triathlon “equivalent” (not sure what that I really mean by that, but I hope it makes some sense), I had my fingers crossed for the belt buckle trophy. The first year trophies were very nice, but they did not have a belt-buckle-level of awesomeness. One of my suggestions for the race going forward? Belt buckles. I don’t think I was alone in this suggestion, as much as I wish I could take credit for the belt buckle being on the line. The belt buckles didn’t make an appearance in Vegas, I think because the 250 got suspended when they changed the date, and the belt buckles likely rejected a proposal that they be handed out for the 125. It was, apparently, not hard enough. I think the belt buckles might have revised their position had they been at the race in Vegas, but they weren’t…
Anyway, the buckles are on the line in Bend. Big and small. I know what I’m gunning for. The clock is ticking. Just like it will be on race day if you want to clasp one of those shiny buckles around your waist. I’ve been waiting for a good reason (like I really need one…) to purchase a pair of these. I think a big buckle might go nicely with them. 
Tony Lama Oryx Caiman Back. Seriously…
It may be that I’ve been watching too much “Justified.” Though I’m not sure that it’s really possible to watch too much “Justified.” Do I need one of these as well? I guess I’ll have to see once the buckle is actually in my hands. Feel free to vote in advance in the comments. 
Larry Mahan Belly Superior 500X Fur Felt Western Hat
That is a $1000 hat. 500X. Serious business. You don’t mess around with a hat like that. If ever there was a hat that was not going to be showed up by a big buckle, it’s a 500X hat. I think a 40X hat would probably do fine though. I’m not sure I’m worthy of a 500X hat. When you wear a hat like, you got to be ready to defend it. Cue up the Chris Ledoux… 
Don’t touch Chris’s hat…

But I’m digressing. Shocking, I know… Okay, but the real question is, what do we attach this belt buckle to? What is worthy? I’m thinking a little more Tony Lama action. Something like this little trinket available at (where else) Shepler’s. Shepler’s is a wonderful institution. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. Maybe schedule a trip once you’ve earned your buckle. Or just poke around online while you admire the massive slab of awesomeness that is girding your loins. In the meantime, you’ll have to gird your loins the old fashioned way. At least for four more weeks. 
Epic race. Epic trophy. Epic buckle. Epic boots. Epic hat. Epic belt. That’s a lot of epic. Will you be ready? The clock is ticking…

4 thoughts on “Around The Bend

  1. I'm retired, goddammit. You think you're going to sucker me back into 9hrs of pain with this most awesome belt buckle? Lucky for me, 9hrs probably isn't attainable. :p And I have no interest in the “little” version.

    Perhaps I'm safe after all…


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