4th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge

It’s that time of year again! The Rappstar Charity Challenge for World Bicycle Relief is back for it’s fourth consecutive year. As always, the details are on Slowtwitch.com. Please share. Please donate. It’s bigger and better than ever this year, but the money still goes to the same truly awesome cause.
Last year, we raised over $37,000 for WBR. The years before, it was $34,501 and $22,675. This year, we’ve set the lofty goal of $50,250 (375 bikes total). Being a triathlete (like many of you), it’s just not in my nature to set easy goals – and I hope that with your help, we can achieve this one. We could literally change the lives of hundreds of well-deserving folks in rural Africa.

More specifically, the money goes towards bringing bikes to people in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Many are school children who face extremely long commutes – up to nearly 4 hours each way. It also provides the supplies and training of new field mechanics to care for those bikes. Just think, in the same time you complete your marathon portion of the Ironman, these kids are just getting to school. But, unlike you and I, who have a place to rest our feet after the hard day, they’ll have to do it all over again at the end of the day. So, why not take the step and provide a bike by joining World Bicycle Relief and my charity challenge and help give back through the power of bicycles.

If you just want to donate right now (and why wouldn’t you), the fundraiser page is:

Thank you!

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