MIT Sloan Sports Analytics 2013

As an admitted and proud nerd, I was thrilled to be invited to be a panel speaker at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, which took place early in March of this year. The panel that I was on was titled, “Stronger, Faster, Better: Technology Analytics.” The panel was moderated by Mark McClusky, a senior editor at Wired and the man in charge of the Wired Playbook on In addition to myself, the speakers included Dr. Peko Hosoi, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT who specializes in materials; Dr. Benoit Vincent, CTO and the head of R&D for Taylor Made Golf; Tori Hanna, who works in development for UnderArmour; and David McIntosh, an intellectual property attorney with Ropes & Gray. It was a fascinating group of individuals, and I enjoyed being a part of the panel with them and also talking to them both before and after. It’s definitely something that I hope I can make a regular part of my calendar.
Every panel of the conference was recorded, and they’ve now posted the video of my panel, which you can find here:

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