Real Women of BAMFness: Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca Rusch is one of those people who simply defines what it really means to be a BAMF. The obvious reasons include her remarkable athletic accolades. But as I’ve come to know more about her and to, thankfully, get to know her personally in a small way, those achievements pale in comparison to the depth of her character. I was first really inspired by Rebecca as a result of her segment in the incredible Nikon D4 promotional video that she did with Dane Jackson (kayaker) and Alex Honnold (climber) entitled, Why.

Rebecca’s simple answer, “Because I have to. Because I don’t know any other way to live my life.” is something that has continued to resonate with me since I first heard it.

Recently, Rebecca did a TEDx  talk about Finding Home. The link goes to the backstory page on Rebecca’s site, but you can watch it below. It’s a powerful story that is best simply experienced. I thought about trying to summarize it, but then I realized I’d simply do a disservice to Rebecca. Her post doesn’t go into much depth about the topic of her talk, and I found myself both surprised and profoundly moved by the substance of her talk.

I thought the story deserved more than just a retweet or a simple share, and so I wanted to try to give some insight into the impact that Rebecca’s stories have had in my own life. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your stories with all of us.

RR, you are a BAMF.

📷 from Corey Rich’s (director of “Why”) blog.

One thought on “Real Women of BAMFness: Rebecca Rusch

  1. Jordan, being called a BAMF by YOU is the ultimate compliment. I first found out about you as you were making the very long, rough recovery back into cycling after your gnarly hit and run, near death experience. I remember meeting you and hearing about how hard you were working to come back. Your stoke and motivation was oozing from your pores even though you could barely move without pain. I remember watching you hobble away and thinking I would never have half the strength you do. And you came back to win Ironman Canada in the next season. Being called a BAMF from a BAMF is the ultimate compliment. THANK YOU! We all have tough stories, we just don’t always share them.


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