Pursuit Training With Coach Hendy

One of my favorite parts of track training is that many of the focused off-track sessions are best done in Zwift. Many of you have seen Greg Henderson’s workouts in Zwift Group Workouts. Coach Hendy also has several pre-made complete training plans available on his website. These files aren’t (yet) as richly commented as either the in-Zwift ones or his plans, but I’ll work to improve them. But I wanted to make them available for download, since a big part of my enjoyment in pursuing this is sharing the work that Greg and I do together. Just drop the ZWO files into your Custom Workouts folder:


5x 5min Threshold Over Gear: I do this on the RevBox trainer, which thanks to its massive fan offers pretty much even resistance all the way around the pedal stroke, something that’s especially helpful for track racers on fixed gear bikes. But it’s a great session on any trainer. Try to keep cadence during the “On” interval at about 45rpm or so. Lift the cadence to normal range during the recovery. [1:05]

Lactate Shuttling: This workout has become increasingly popular with the understanding of lactate’s role as a fuel source. This is Coach Hendy’s variation. I like the user-adjustable FreeRide blocks for longer recovery periods and so coded this workout with those open-intensity blocks for recovery between rounds. [1:30]

Open Ups: This is a Coach Hendy special. It’s a pyramid where intensity goes up and duration goes down. Go up the pyramid and then back down. Then repeat. This is a long workout with a lot of work up above threshold. [2:00]

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