Making Magic

In this last of my three part autobiographical series, I'd like to explore the influence of engineering, both as a discipline and as a way of thinking, in my life. My maternal grandfather, Al Demont, was an electrical engineer. He was one of two young men in the Worchester Polytechnic Institute class of 1931 - in the midst of The Great Depression - to get a job, working for the General Electric corporation. He worked for GE for over forty years until he retired, working on everything from consumer appliances to military technology (during WWII). When I think of engineers, I think of my grandfather.

Game Theory

Gamification is an unfortunately overused and abused word. It's come to be a substitute for basically anything that abuses the brain's dopamine reward system. But that's not how I think about games. When I think about games, I think specifically about puzzles and problems to be solved. In Part 2 of my miniature autobiography, I'd like to talk about games as an influence on my life and professional career.

Great Characters Matter

Why did I decide to stay in the Gaming industry rather than the Cycling - or Fitness - industries? In terms of professional experience, I certainly have more in the latter than in the former. But in terms of passions, my heart really does lies in the former. There are two things I'll share about myself, one of which will probably surprise no one, and the other of which might surprise most. The first is that I am a loner...