Kona Diary 2016 Part 2. Week 5 Update. Fourth Time’s The Charm?

© Donald Miralle 2012Part 2: Kona 2016 Diary presented by MatchsportsWeek 5 update. Fourth Time's The Charm?Current status:Swim: B+Bike: A-Run: B-This is a bit unexpected. Typically, it runs more in reverse. Running comes back the most quickly and swimming feels the worst. Biking feels okay, at least if it's not longer than about an hour. This … Continue reading Kona Diary 2016 Part 2. Week 5 Update. Fourth Time’s The Charm?


© Eric Wynn 2016Ironman CairnsCairns, QLD, Australia ★ 2016.06.12I'll warn you in advance, there's a lot of hokey I-can-be-self-empowered-because-I'm-rich guru-ism in this interview done by "The Genius Network" (certainly are humble, aren't they...) of Peter Diamantis (founder of the XPrize) and Tony Robbins. I certainly do not "love" marketing, even though I will certainly admit that my role as a … Continue reading Gratitude

The 3 P’s

© Scott Flathouse 2016Ironman TexasThe Woodlands, TX ★ 2016.05.14After spending decades studying how people deal with setbacks, psychologist Martin Seligman found that there are three P’s—personalization, pervasiveness, and permanence—that are critical to how we bounce back from hardship. The seeds of resilience are planted in the way we process the negative events in our lives. - Sheryl … Continue reading The 3 P’s