Wind? What Wind?!

Today was my first real hard ride on my new Lucero. The main set was one hour steady state. It was a brisk 41F with a stiff wind blowing from the North down Rte. 100. I did my hour as three loops of the 4.1 mile TT course. The wind was pretty gusty, and there were pretty stiff sections of wind going both ways. I think my SRM was a bit off since I am still fiddling with mounting it, but regardless, the Lucero is quick.

My new position is a bit lower, and that has help, but the bike is quick too. I was about 2kph faster than two weeks ago. The course was slightly different, but my last ride was in warmer weather and with MUCH less wind, so I feel good about the changes I made. I have my new Cane Creek Solos headset waiting to be installed, which should give me another 1cm of drop. I also want rotate my elbow pads in a bit to keep my forearms tight, and I might put a few degrees of inward rotation on the extensions. Still tweaking things, so I’m using this as a bit of a notepad.

My legs were a bit sapped, but it felt good to get out and crank. It was a pretty long day with 3x1500scy as the main set in the pool this morning, and then a three hour ride plus 30′ t-run. So I’m a bit spent. But I’m pleased that the bike seems fast. I need to figure out how to get my SRM cabled internally, to save that extra 1watt or whatever. Free speed is free speed…

I’ve got another long ride tomorrow, so hopefully the wind will calm down some…

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