Where’s The Love?!

So last week was a pretty solid week – 27 hours of pretty balanced training, with some hard stuff mixed in, but mostly a lot of base work as you might expect, and some recovery focus on the run to get back after the Brooklyn 1/2. I thought it was probably a good solid build week, and in the back of my mind, I was hoping for a rest week afterwards, since it’s been big base build (that’s some alliteration for you…) since Flagstaff. But no, last week was the first week of a mighty three week build. The past 5 days would have been a solid two-weeks worth of training for me when I first started, and considering that Monday, my easiest day, is included, that tells you something.

Yesterday was a pretty big day, with a continous IM-distance swim in the AM, then a crisp base ride for a couple hours, and finally some hard fartlek running in the early evening. Today I did the most ungodly set ever on the bike – 30 x 2′ @ Z4 (which is very hard), 1′ @ Z1 (which is easy). It was one of the hardest sets I’ve done in any sport. The last five were especially brutal. Sometimes, I think is good that Coach Joel is in Victoria, BC and that I am here, because today, I would have wanted to to throw him in the pool or something. Of course, I am very tired, so I probably would not have been successful. But I tell you, sometimes it just doesn’t seem right…

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